Speakers & Sessions

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Dave Thomas

Author, The Pragmatic Programmer
Not Dead Yet! Reclaiming Agility

Rod Johnson

Creator, Spring Framework; Co-Founder & CEO, SpringSource
Generative AI for Software Developers

Jessica Kerr

Symmathecist; Developer Advocate, Honeycomb.io
Experimenting in a Sociotechnical System

Richard Feldman

Creator, Roc Programming Language
The Return of Procedural Programming

Alexandre Bertails

Software Engineer & Ontologist, Netflix
Ontology-First Knowledge Graphs

Ryan Singer

Author, Shape Up; Former Head of Strategy, 37signals
Fixed Time, Variable Scope in the Shape Up Methodology

Melanie Sumner

Accessibility Lead for Design Systems, HashiCorp
Continuous Accessibility: Strategies for Success

Chelsea Troy

Machine Learning Operations Engineer, Mozilla
The Tools We Still Need to Build with AI

Josh Goldberg

Author, Learning TypeScript; Maintainer, TypeScript-ESLint; Committer, ESLint
Understanding TypeScript: Fixing the Billion Dollar Mistake and Other Concepts

Ken Rimple

Director of Training & Mentoring, Chariot Solutions