Speakers & Sessions

Dave Thomas

Author, The Pragmatic Programmer
Not Dead Yet! Reclaiming Agility

Rod Johnson

Creator, Spring Framework; Co-Founder & CEO, SpringSource
Generative AI: Beyond the Amazing Demos

Brian LeRoux

Brian LeRoux, Co-founder and CTO, Begin.com; Core Maintainer, OpenJS Architect
Rethinking Developer Experience (DX)

Jessica Kerr

Symmathecist; Developer Advocate, Honeycomb.io
Experimenting in a Sociotechnical System

Harrison Canning

Innovation Strategist at Blackrock Neurotech; Science Communicator; Bioethics Student, Harvard University
Exploring the Power of Thought with Brain-Computer Interfaces

Kiki Carter

Senior Staff Curriculum Developer, Cockroach Labs
Managing Data Across Borders: Data Sovereignty with Distributed Databases

Diana Montalion

Author, Learning Systems Thinking: Essential Nonlinear Skills & Practices for Software Professionals
Keynote: Critical Shifts in Thinking for the Systems Age

Dane Sherrets

Senior Solutions Architect, HackerOne
How Developers Can Ethically Hack for Fun and Profit

Oscar Spencer

Co-creator, Grain; Principal Engineer, F5 NGINX
WebAssembly & the Component Model: the Future of Software Development

Jeffrey Vadala

Director, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Lab, University of Pennsylvania
Exploring the Human Mind through AI, VR, and Neuroscience at Penn’s Virtual Reality Lab

Chelsea Troy

Machine Learning Operations Engineer, Mozilla
The Tools We Still Need to Build with AI

Melanie Sumner

Accessibility Lead for Design Systems, HashiCorp
Continuous Accessibility: Strategies that Scale

Ryan Singer

Author, Shape Up; Former Head of Strategy, 37signals
Fixed Time, Variable Scope in the Shape Up Methodology

Richard Feldman

Creator, Roc Programming Language
The Return of Procedural Programming