Chariot Solutions

Chariot Solutions is a software development consulting firm. We build and integrate the critical software applications that run our clients’ businesses. We are successful because we attract the most talented and collaborative software architects in the region. They are leaders in Java, open source and emerging technologies.

We work in small, agile teams. We solve hard problems with a practical approach centered on communication, common sense and continual learning. We believe it is important to give back to our community through shared learning. Visit us at chariotsolutions.com.



Lutron is the worldwide leader in lighting, automated shade and temperature controls, with headquarters in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and engineering offices in Philadelphia, Boston, South Florida and Austin. We are a privately held manufacturing company with over 4000 design and product patents.

We are at the forefront of innovating IoT products for smart homes and connected buildings. We provide solutions for residences that span from 500 sq. ft apartments to 10,000 sq. ft homes and commercial solutions for small office spaces to entire building complexes such as the New York Times Building, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Empire State Building and the Guggenheim Museum. Visit us at lutron.com.

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Drexel University College of Computing & Informatics

Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics is a national leader in information and technology education. With cutting edge curriculum and groundbreaking research led by a world-class faculty, our college is one of the only institutions in the nation that can equip you with the comprehensive knowledge, skills and hands-on experience to drive innovation and improve lives within any industry or career field you choose. No matter where your passions lie, our deep relationships with industry leaders and broad, interdisciplinary programming, coupled with Drexel’s fully integrated cooperative education program, create an unmatched and inclusive environment for 21st century education and research.



InnCreTech is a Princeton, NJ based Software Development, Tech R&D company. The company’s mission is to help organizations elevate their business by harnessing the power of advanced technology. InnCreTech focuses primarily on developing products with expertise in data science & machine learning, AI, and workflow software development.