How Developers Can Ethically Hack for Fun and Profit

Attitudes and laws on “ethical hacking” have evolved significantly over the last decade, leading to the rise of bug bounty programs that incentivize individuals to identify and report security vulnerabilities. This presentation delves into the history of ethical hacking and the origin of bug bounties, tracing their evolution and examining their current state.

We will explore how individuals can get started in bug bounty hunting, highlighting the advantage developers have when hunting. This talk will showcase real-life examples of individuals who have made millions in bug bounties with simply bash, grep, and text files.

Finally, we will speculate on how the next generation of millionaire hackers might emerge, considering the evolving landscape of technology. This talk aims to provide a comprehensive overview of bug bounty hunting, offering insights for both beginners and experienced practitioners in the field.

Dane Sherrets
Senior Solutions Architect, HackerOne