The Art of Omnichannel: Building Blocks For Crafting Connected Experiences

Join Joel as he delves into the world of omnichannel architecture. We will focus on the unique architectural challenges and solutions associated with creating contextually aware experiences for customers. This includes an exploration of three key areas which are real-time data, decisioning and distribution emphasizing:

  • How to collect real-time insights into customer behavior
  • How to use these insights to decide the next best action for a customer, and the role of AI/ML in that
  • How to effectively distribute that decision across hundreds of experiences in various channels (web, mobile, call center, email, SMS, push, etc)

We will walk through an example architecture and talk about decisions, tradeoffs and alternatives at each step. By the end, you will hopefully have a deeper understanding of the complexities of omnichannel architecture, leading to a better design of your own omnichannel strategy and architecture, and resulting in more engaging, personalized experiences for your customers.

Joel Confino
Chief Omnichannel Architect, Vanguard