Understanding TypeScript: Fixing the Billion Dollar Mistake and Other Concepts

You’ve heard about TypeScript and maybe poked at a docs page or two. But it’s still a mystery for you. Not to worry! Josh Goldberg – author of the O’Reilly Learning TypeScript book – will walk you through the foundations of “types” and a “type system” up through the important language features and tooling integrations you’ll need to get started understanding TypeScript.

This talk will go through topics equivalent to the Learning TypeScript book table of contents — a battle-tested, intentional set of topics that build on each other to teach the essentials of TypeScript.

You’ll emerge understanding not just the core syntax of TypeScript but why it works the way it does. And you’ll have a renewed appreciation for how modern type systems — including C#’s and TypeScript’s — have evolved over the years to add in concepts such as union types and fixing the billion dollar mistake.

Josh Goldberg
Author, Learning TypeScript; Maintainer, TypeScript-ESLint; Committer, ESLint