Ya Xue

VP Data Science, Infinia ML

Ya Xue has nearly 20 years of experience in the AI and machine learning field. In 2017, she co-founded Infinia ML, which was later acquired by Aspirion in September 2023. Currently, she serves as the Vice President for Data Science at Infinia ML, an aspirion company.

Prior to Infinia ML, Ms. Xue worked for Siemens Medical Solutions, GE Global Research, Align Technology, and two startup ventures. Throughout her career, Ms. Xue has worked on a broad spectrum of projects across diverse application domains, such as industrial-system monitoring, security surveillance, renewable energy, online recommendations, and treatment planning. She has co-authored thirteen patents.

Ms. Xue received BS, MS, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Tsinghua University, Arizona State University, and Duke University, respectively. The focus of her Ph.D. work was machine learning and statistical data modeling. Currently, she is pursuing an Executive MBA program at London Business School.

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