Kiki Carter

Senior Staff Curriculum Developer, Cockroach Labs

Kiki Carter stands at the intersection of technology and education, crafting innovative solutions as a curriculum developer for Cockroach Labs’ online training platform. With a passion for cloud-native architecture and ethical computing, she transforms heritage platforms into modern marvels. Kiki champions the developer experience, believing in the power of education to foster a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines.

At Cockroach Labs, Kiki blends her technical prowess with her passion for teaching, creating engaging and comprehensive online courses. Her work not only demystifies complex topics but also fosters a supportive learning environment for enthusiasts and professionals alike to grow.

As a cloud-native architecture advocate and a proponent of excellent developer experiences, Kiki enjoys the transformative process of creating scalable, high-performance systems. She’s passionate about the synergy between humans and machines, championing ethical computing and the potential for technology to enhance our world.

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