Securing with Love: A Philly Style Approach to Cloud Safety

Join Cailyn as she draws inspiration from the rich history and vibrant culture of Philadelphia to explore how security teams and development teams can work hand-in-hand to design and maintain robust applications.

We will look specifically at when to involve security professionals, and how to work together to create a reliable and secure application. Security should be an integral part of the development lifecycle and not an after thought. At the same time security teams need to understand the use cases, and workflows in order to protect applications without increasing toil. In order for both sides to do their best work we need to work together!

While we won’t have time to cover everything in 45 minutes, we will focus on practical steps including: collaboration, dataflow diagrams, threat modelling, and classifying/triaging risks.

Security doesn’t end at deployment – ongoing security checks and upkeep are vital. Learn actionable tips and best practices for maintaining a strong security posture that requires little upkeep.

Join us in embracing the spirit of brotherly love as we explore a collaborative, proactive, and Philadelphia-style approach to cloud security. Attendees will leave armed with practical insights, tools, and hopefully excited to work together across disciplines to create and maintain the best products possible.

Cailyn Edwards
Senior Security Engineer, Auth0 by Okta