The Best TypeScript Features You’re Not Using Yet

TypeScript is great – and it’s getting greater! The language and its tooling is constantly evolving to catch more bugs, let us write more robust types, and generate better dev tooling for everyone. From language built-ins such ‘satisfies’ and ‘NoInfer’ to companion tools such as Knip and typescript-eslint@7, this energy-filled talk will prepare you to write the best TypeScript code your fellow developers have ever seen.

Note from conference host: this slot originally belonged to Kiki Carter, where she was going to deliver a talk entitled Managing Data Across Borders: Data Sovereignty with Distributed Databases. Due to a family emergency, Kiki is unable to attend, and Josh Goldberg generously agreed to deliver this talk in her place.

Josh Goldberg
Author, Learning TypeScript; Maintainer, TypeScript-ESLint; Committer, ESLint