Naeem Hussain, Managing Partner, Agile Trailblazers
Naeem Hussain
Managing Partner, Agile Trailblazers

Naeem Hussain is the co-founder and managing partner of AgileTrailblazers – a company founded to enable organizations to rapidly realize continuous business value delivery through use of lean and agile principles. Naeem has over 12 years of experience in financial services, healthcare and telecommunication industries where he has led and participated in organizational transformation that enabled organizations to rapidly deliver solutions to their customers. Naeem has extensive experience and familiarity with the complexities of global software development for enterprise products and retail banking customer facing solutions. He has the expertise for delivery process automation and process optimization in these environments. Naeem has spearheaded implementation of complex software continuous integration projects, rollout of agile management software and associated technologies that enable scaling of agile practices and instituting core software factory capabilities for large-scale enterprises. Naeem is expecting an MBA in March 2012 from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has an MS in Telecommunication & Computers from George Washington University and a BE from Bangalore University.