Willem Larsen
President, Language Hunters

Willem Larsen has spent the past 15 years designing cutting-edge group learning tools for the natural sciences – at the Oregon Zoo, OMSI, Tryon Creek State Park, and the Eddy Foundation Land Trust. He was a founding partner of Cascadia Wild! and a founding member of TrackersNW. Through his work in environmental education and local natural history, Willem came to realize that endangered indigenous languages are priceless storehouses of ecological knowledge, wisdom, and lifeways, and this led to the development of Language Hunting.

Willem has presented Language Hunting at many innovative and Agile gatherings such as AgilePDX, Agile 2011 in Salt Lake, PLoP 2011, Agile Games 2011 in Boston, as well as being hosted at Agilistry Studios and the SolutionsIQ Agile Training Center.