Chad Fowler, VP Engineering, LivingSocial
Chad Fowler - VP Engineering, LivingSocial
Wed - 11:30-12:30 PM, Ballroom C

Technologists should not identify themselves with their tools. I’m not a Rubyist. You’re not a Windows person. Operating systems, programming languages, database engines, and application frameworks are just tools we use to get things done. Identifying ourselves with our technology choices is both a career- and business limiting mistake.

This session will cover how what is ostensibly a “Rails shop” is actually far from being a Rails shop and how important that distinction is for the success of a real business. We’ve all heard the notion that Rails “doesn’t scale”. It turns out to be true. And it’s a universal truth of all technology choices. We’ll talk about how we get around the limitations of our platform of choice as well as some general strategies for opening the mind to better architectural choices by embracing technological heterogeneity.